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Services for Artists


Butera Art Consulting helps artists succeed by helping them work to their fullest potential.



Jumpstart your art and career! Choose a monthly contract or individual

services. I will:


Conduct a studio visit

Brainstorm about your artistic goals and objectives

Establish your career plan

Create a dynamic resume and artist’s statement

Review, Develop and/or Manage your website

Review and Revise your business cards and portfolio

Advise about your social media sites and output

Suggest appropriate venues for your work

Suggest art gallery and museum contacts, if appropriate

Generate invitations and press releases

Advise you on framing, presenting, sequencing and installing your work

Develop packing, shipping and/or transportation strategies

Suggest ways to catalogue, record and conserve your work

Write and Help you publish catalogues to promote your art and artistic vision

Strategize with you to get grants, fellowships and residencies

Coach you to success!



Artists' Estates


Artists need to keep accurate records of the objects they have created, who owns them, where they have been exhibited and who has written about you and your work. This helps compile a current as well an historical record of your art and career. You need an ongoing list of objects in your possession for insurance purposes. In addition, you need to figure out to whom your art will be deeded:

Your family? Your friends? Charities?  Art Institutions? Let me help you organize and plan for this part of your career.


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"I have been working with Ginny for over 8 years. She continues to surprise me with her great artistic insights and solid business advice. She has brought value at every professional art level I have achieved. Her no-nonsense approach cuts to the chase and focuses on what is to succeed!"


Wayne Charles Roth