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"Ginny has been instrumental in moving my art career forward. Her knowledge of the art world and her practical execution have made a huge difference for me. I attribute my success in no small part in her ability to guide me through every challenge and obstacle. My advice to every struggling artist is to stop wasting time, and hire her now!"


Wayne Charles Roth


"Ginny--Thank you for all your excellent advice in terms of my work, marketing and expanding my art social circle. I think this was exactly the help I needed to move forward.  I feel refueled and equipped with a map. I may have to choose the routes, but you have definitely helped me to see the roads."


Linda Streicher


"I first met Ginny when she was presenting at a panel discussion on the business of art. Her depth of understanding of current art trends along with her experience as an art historian, curator and gallerist, convinced me immediately that she was the person I was waiting for to help me seriously launch my professional art career. But aside from her expertise, Ginny is a warm and generous individual who is able to customize her services to meet the very specific needs of her clientele. She takes the time to really look, listen and engage. After an incredible studio visit she created an action plan for me that has led to rapid results and important contacts and opportunities. "


Joe Losavio


"The work I’ve done with Ginny Butera is significant because her thoughtful suggestions provide a specific approach to accomplish my biggest goals. Her useful recommendations allow me to create a realistic plan, where the actions needed are arranged in the right order.  Importantly, thanks to her detailed comments and insight, I now feel like the results I want most are possible. "


Kate Petley


Ginny, when we first met I was in need of serious guidance.  I had a faint understanding of what I was after, but wasn’t quite able to define it.  And so, I found myself working in circles. You asked me very specific questions and displayed incredible sensitivity to my responses.


You continue to be instrumental in helping me clearly identify goals, and you systematically help me to achieve them through guidance along with your own leg work.


I feel as though you believe in and have a personal investment in me--for this I am grateful.  Because of your thoroughness and insight, we literally achieved all we set out to.  I would highly recommend others to seek you out.


Joe Freeman